First of all let me congratulate each and every auditionee over the past few days. With over 50 auditions, we had a very difficult few hours afterwards.

If you were unsuccessful in the part you auditioned for, please do not be disheartened as you may just not have been what we were looking for. But we have made sure that each person that came along to audition is part of a fabulous cast….

All adults who were unsuccessful in sealing a principal role, have been listed in the Adult Chorus. If you do not wish to join the chorus please let us know and we will remove you from the list. But if you were to ask any past chorus member, its just as much fun (if not more).

Anyways… without further ado here is our 2019 Cast List:

The Cast List

Young Ella – Millie Lynch

Young Hannah – Louisa Fitzwilliam

Princess Ella – Becky Hardman

Princess Hannah – Scarlett Todhunter

Kristian – Simon Armstrong

Prince Anders – James Ridehalgh

Dame Florrie – Stuart Buchanan

Duke Wesley – Louisa Morton

Frosty – Louisa Morton

The Snow Fairy – Rachel Denwood

Sinestra – Jennifer Todhunter

Token – Kayleigh Slack

Herald – Corey Smith

Scoop – Victoria Gee

King & Queen – Maynall Weir and Alison Maxwell

Adult Chorus –                   Maria Moore

                                                Sarah Blaney

                                                Rebecca Bell

                                                Camille Best

                                                David Parker

                                                Marian Finn

                                                Sarah Bennett

                                                Katrina Donald

                                                Brigitta Hammell

Senior Dancers –                Rachel Donnan

                                                Jessica Redden

                                                Alicia Tomlinson

                                                Kasey Conway

                                                Amy Morton

Inters –                                  Rihanna Maxwell

                                                Etty Huddart

                                                Louisa Fitzwilliam

                                                Millie Lynch

                                                Sophie Buchanan

                                                Ellie Redshaw

                                                Ellie Dixon

                                                Amy Redshaw

                                                Shannon Telford

                                                Rayna Morton

                                                Maddie Wood

                                                Hannah Buchanan

                                                Rhys Telford

Junior Dancers –                Callan Branch

                                                Bobby Donald

                                                Jessica Slater

                                                Dakota Dixon

Junior Chorus –                  Harry Moore

                                                Callum Bennett

                                                Michael Thompson

                                                Sophie Munson